Sunday, 17 May 2015

Taradale District War Memorial (WWII)

This was such a large memorial that my first shot is looking one way.  The second shot is looking the other way and my third shot is looking at the whole thing.  It has all the mens names on it that went to World War II and a special panel for those whom died while serving.   

The building in the background is known as the Taradale Wsr Memorial Plunket Rooms

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Taradale Clock Tower Fountain and The Memorial Rose Garden

The fountain was built by the Taradale Lions Club and the Napier City Council Parks Department staff  in about 1972, when there was a major road reconstruction around the Clock Tower.  By building the fountain and closing the road that use to run between the garden and the tower linked them all together better.

The Memorial Rose Garden is in the back ground

The three components of the park - the Tower, the fountain and the sun dial  

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Taradale Memorable Clock Tower

The clock tower was built in 1923.  It is the World War 1 memorial.  The tower is in a very prominent area in Taradale where several roads  intersect.  It stands 15 metres high.  It was unveiled by the Governor General at the time Admiral Viscount Jellicoe.  
After the 1931 earthquake it leaned to the side by 2 feet, the designer was able to restore it.  In this link you can see what it looked like then.  

Inside it has paintings which depict the three armed services.  I only closely photographed one as there were gates in front of the other two.   These were painted in 1997 by Brenda Morrell who also painted The Old Tram Stop.  

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Gypsy Rose Tea Museum (Part 2)

Part Two of this story as I found it such an interesting place and took so many photos.  The photos I used yesterday and today are only about half of what I took.  To see yesterdays story go here.

I spent a pleasant hour in the tea museum.  It was such an trove of treasures.  Deane was so nice and helpful too.    

When I edited the photo preceding this one I found that the plate in front has a picture of Marine Parade in the very early days on it.  I was aware that there use to be houses on both sides of it however until I found this picture I hadnt seen them 

I had an aha! moment when I saw these.  My mother had the tin with the pink label on it.  I remember it from my early childhood.   

Some other information Deane told me a bit about was tea leaf grading and how to find it on a box of tea.   

Mr Twining himself!

A New Zealand ration book 

This museum is well worth a visit.

The Gypsy Rose Tea Museum
319 Gloucester Street
(upstairs cnr Gloucester Street and Puketapu Road)

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Gypsy Rose Tea Museum (Part 1)

Yesterday I visited a very new tea museum in Taradale.  I have always liked museums.  When I told my youngest son (Master 9) what I was doing yesterday he said "Oh Mum, are you going to drink tea with your little finger sticking out?"  

When I arrived I was amazed at the tastefully set out and full to over flowing place.  I was met by Deane (the owner of the museum).  He is a friendly and welcoming fellow, who is passionate about his collection.  He has a wealth of informative information about the pieces in the museum.

When I told Deane what Master 9 had said about my visit.  He told me the history of where this custom came from.  Apparently the emperors in China drank with their little finger sticking out as their cups didnt have handles and by using their pinky in such a fashion they were able to guide the cup better and not spill their tea.  It seems it caught on in Victorian times when it was popular to have fancy tea parties.


I really liked this lounge type area, a nice a place for a cuppa and a read.  Part of the museum is a shop where can buy tea and many other items related to the experience.   

Victorian Teapot Stands dated 1890 and an English Hot Water Urn, Thomas Hayter 1810.  

Tea cosies!

A Rovers Return Inn teapot - Ive always liked miniture houses and buildings similar to this 

Tea Bag Holders 

This collection of boxes was in a tea chest.  I use to have some tea chests to store papers and books in.

I am going to make this a 2 part story as I had so much trouble whittling down the photos I took. Come back tomorrow to see what other delightful items I saw.  If you cant wait that long and are in Napier pop into the museum and tell Deane you saw the blog post here :)

The Gypsy Rose Tea Museum
319 Gloucester Street
(upstairs cnr Gloucester Street and Puketapu Road)

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Deco City Motor Lodge

This Art Deco inspired motor Lodge is situated in Onekawa.  It was built in 1997 with 30 units.  The design has begged to be photographed for sometime so on my epic walk I did so :)  Last year it won an award for excellence from TripAdvisor New Zealand.  In case you are wondering I am a housekeeper at a motel however the one I work in is in the city CBD.  

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Bush with a Mohawk

Went for another epic walk today - 18 kms :)
Shall be posting photos over the next little while about it.  Today a bush with a mohawk

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


New Zealanders LOVE the sea and here in Napier this is no exception.  This is where a lot of boats are docked in Napier :)

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Monday, 4 May 2015


I took this photo in the city the other day.  Cant find out any info about the metal bikes sculptures.  I quite like how they kind of tie in with the bikes on the metal electrical transformer box just around the corner.  The box is one of many dotted though out the CBD.  The rolling ball of yarn (which may not be as apparent in this photo however it is the string that ties both bikes on the box together) is on all these boxes and sort of links them together in an artistic way.  On the other boxes there are different pictures that tell a story about Napier.  As I find more within the city I shall share them too :)
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