Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Gypsy Rose Tea Museum (Part 2)

Part Two of this story as I found it such an interesting place and took so many photos.  The photos I used yesterday and today are only about half of what I took.  To see yesterdays story go here.

I spent a pleasant hour in the tea museum.  It was such an trove of treasures.  Deane was so nice and helpful too.    

When I edited the photo preceding this one I found that the plate in front has a picture of Marine Parade in the very early days on it.  I was aware that there use to be houses on both sides of it however until I found this picture I hadnt seen them 

I had an aha! moment when I saw these.  My mother had the tin with the pink label on it.  I remember it from my early childhood.   

Some other information Deane told me a bit about was tea leaf grading and how to find it on a box of tea.   

Mr Twining himself!

A New Zealand ration book 

This museum is well worth a visit.

The Gypsy Rose Tea Museum
319 Gloucester Street
(upstairs cnr Gloucester Street and Puketapu Road)

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  1. I got a big grin out of half a cup of tea!

    1. thought youd like that :)
      you must have sitting on your computer Id only just posted this when I got your response :)

  2. I thought that the half-cup of tea was funny, too. That looks like a fun place. :)

  3. That's interesting and beautiful ! Nowadays you only use plates made for the dishwasher !

  4. wow Jen! looks like my type of place to visit. Although I don't collect retro and vintage stuff anymore I still admire them big time :-)

  5. maybe you will have to visit it sometime and meet me too :)