Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Two more pieces of Art at CAN

The other day I visited the art gallery again.  I found these two paintings of Napier :)  I like how they are both quite different yet show my city of Napier so beautifully.
This painting is looking out to sea possibly from Bluff Hill and shows the town clock in the forefront  

This painting shows two elegant art deco ladies in the Soundshell area.  Napier is the art deco captial of New Zealand.  To see more Art Deco photos search the label below :)    

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Arts on Parade - One of The Six Sisters houses

 This is one of The Six Sisters (theres actually a story behind the name of these houses - read it here youll get two stories :)  this one and that :) )  Anyway Id never been into any of the houses so I popped into this one the other day.  I was interested in what they were like on the inside since they dated from 1890.  I didnt want to take too many photos inside and I was too shy to ask if it was ok.

My second photo shows the entrance way and stair case upstairs which was private.  There were 2 large rooms downstairs and a smaller one which one got to by way of a wide but short passageway.  On one side of the side of the passageway was a open wardrobe show casing clothes mainly tops which were crocheted.  There was a lovely breeze coming through the back door which was opened and when I went outside my breathe was taken away its a treasure trove of arts and crafts for sell out there too.

The whole place was tastefully crammed with local made works including pottery, sculptures, products made of felt, silk, wool and wood,  paintings, books and jewellery.     I think I may take another look at Christmas time for presents.  The shop assistant and I chatted a bit and I told her Id never been in before although I was a local, she was surprised as "its been for ages".  She also told me to tell my friends about it little did she know I was going to blog about it.  Ive been thinking of getting some cards made to advertise my blog though :)

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Napier Pump Track

Napier's new attraction opened today.  I went and took a look after work.  I bet this is going to get a lot of use and I may take my youngest sometime next week after school :)  

enjoyed by littles and older people too

good shelter for speculators too

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Awatoto Quarry and Mural

Awatoto is a small coastal suburb in Napier.   Winstone Aggregates Awatoto Quarry is situated here. It produces a variety of concrete aggregates, sand and roading material.  The beach is quarried as well as material from local river systems (this controls them).  Here it is processed and mixed with the beach material before it is stock piled and sold.

The company started in 1920.  It hasnt always been on this exact site (very near though).  In more modern times a  pre-stressed concrete conveyor system is fed by front end loaders has been installed. There was a major plant upgrade carried out in 2000  

Very nearby is this mural which features Pania of the Reef, The Soundshell, the Norfolk Pines and The Millennial Arch.   The building it is on use to be a graffti smeared eyesore until a charitable trust and the council got together and invited the community to come and paint this mural.  It had already been marked out, paint and brushes were provided.  It was completed in September 2011.   

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Views Hospital Hill and Marewa

Looking down on the bottom of Hospital Hill and out towards Marewa.  I like walking I try to walk about 5 kms a day.  I dont really like heights or the stairs that I took this shot from.  They are old and there has been huge slips here over the years.  However the view is amazing and Ive wanted to take this shot and post it on my blog for a while.  I tell myself that firemen train on these stairs and so I should be ok really.  Unless we get an earthquake.  The shot is worth it though and soon I am at the bottom of the stairs.   

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Views From A Recent Walk

Took a walk along some roads on Bluff Hill.  It wasnt til I edited the photos that I realised what a nice afternoon it was.  Must have been those steep roads that distracted me realising that earlier.  I did think the sea looked lovely.

Looking down on Ahuriri

A boat at Napier Port and the hill on the side is Bluff Hill summit 

I like old houses 

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Aeroplane at the Library

Found this plane on display in the local library when I went to get some more books to read (Im a avid reader).  It had been in the Art Deco parade.  It was made by the Menz Shed Napier which was created to honour the pilots who came from the Hawkes Bay who flew in both world wars.  It took 5 months to make.  

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cyclone Pam hits Napier

This week we have been hit by a cyclone.  While we werent as badly hit as Vanuatu or Gisborne.  We have had very high seas, heaps of rain and strong winds.  Yesterday I visited Marine Parade and saw the high seas.  Not  sure that my photos really show the height and roughness of them.  Standing there in person my older son and I agreed they were high!

The driftwood isnt usually this high up the beach nor does it usually make so much of a mess 
This morning I visited Westshore as I had heard they had once again been badly flooded.  By the time I got there the water had gone down a lot.  However Larry Dallimore a local resident allowed me to use a couple of his photos - thanks.  By viewing them and the mess out there, the sea must have been really high there and according to locals the drainage isnt working very well :(  This is after lots of of money has been spent there.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

More Pillars

I found some more pillars in town.  These are in a line on Market Street Napier.  They promote the near Cape Kidnappers Gannet colony.  

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Words (2)

As I was going back to my car after looking at the CAN centre I saw this

to see more words on walls click on the label at the bottom of this post :)