Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Art Deco 2015 - Depression Dinner

In the 1930s the world was going through a depression.  I read some where that a large percentage of the rebuild money was donated.  When attending this dinner it is expected that you wear for the event.  They start off in one in town and have soup.  Then they go to another place in town where a marquee tent is set up and have the main - lamb stew served on tin plates, this is served with slices of white bread.  Next is desert.  I went past as I was heading home and they were having a merry old time.  They were singing and dancing the hokey tokey  

Huntly (a town 4 hours north of Napier with a long history of cola mining) coal miners 

jilted bride

lining up for their soup 
I liked their  Half Pint Enamel Mugs (my father use to have one)