Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cyclone Pam hits Napier

This week we have been hit by a cyclone.  While we werent as badly hit as Vanuatu or Gisborne.  We have had very high seas, heaps of rain and strong winds.  Yesterday I visited Marine Parade and saw the high seas.  Not  sure that my photos really show the height and roughness of them.  Standing there in person my older son and I agreed they were high!

The driftwood isnt usually this high up the beach nor does it usually make so much of a mess 
This morning I visited Westshore as I had heard they had once again been badly flooded.  By the time I got there the water had gone down a lot.  However Larry Dallimore a local resident allowed me to use a couple of his photos - thanks.  By viewing them and the mess out there, the sea must have been really high there and according to locals the drainage isnt working very well :(  This is after lots of of money has been spent there.