Friday, 13 March 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The last couple of weeks here in Napier people have been getting into the cricket.  Napier's McLean park is one of 10 proper cricket grounds in New Zealand.  It is a sports ground of International standards and 3 of the games have been (or are going to be) played here (the last one is on Sunday).

There have been related events happening like a autograph signing at the Soundshell.  Where there was a huge wicket and balls people would push to try to get the bail off the stump with the balls.   

people lining up to get their autographs from the Black Caps (New Zealands team)

a sigh outside a shop

The 10 acre park was named after Sir Donald McLean (a member of Parliament for Napier 1866 to 1877)

 As security was TIGHT and I couldnt afford a ticket I took this photo from the road side on a day that the park was holding a game.

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