Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Uniting the Community Mural

This mural was completed in December 2004.  It was constructed in a partnership between Anglican Youth Ministries, who were supported by the Pilot City Trust and Napier City Council.  The mural features jigsaw puzzle pieces fitted together.  These were drawn by local primary schools.  The mural shows the importance of family, cultures, values and community.   The Council donated $500 towards the materials needed.  
Shot taken from across the road.  Mural in its entirety.   
The next shots are closer ups to show the detail

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  1. What a great mural! In my town we had a street art festival last autumn which was a huge success and there will be another one this year in September.

  2. What a great idea for a city. Some of that art looks much better than I would expect from primary school, and the jigsaw effect is really cool.

  3. Locely art street ,greeting from Mons city in Belgium.