Friday, 17 April 2015

Remembrance Day

On Tuesday some of the Scout group I belong to (Im a Kea Scout Leader - Keas are the youngest scouts in New Zealand the 5 to 8 year olds) along with another scout group, The Sea Cadets and a lone Ranger Guide got together at Memorial Park.  The children along with the help of the RSA (The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association) lay out and planted the White Crosses in memory of the men from Napier who fell in the First World War.  The crosses will remain here until the day after ANZAC day on the 25th.  The Scouts also join a big parade and memorable service then too.  

my youngest hes a Cub Scout

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After the crosses were in the ground there was a small service :)

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  1. Very good of the scouts to take part in this.

  2. What a wonderful thing for the young ones to do and learn about. I think the NZ Anzac Day celebrations are the best.

    1. as one of the men said they need to their our next generation :)