Sunday, 12 April 2015

Time Capsule

The other day I visited a building - the Council Chamber - I have never visited before and probably wouldnt have, had it not been for this blog.  I found it interesting and will post some more posts about it in the next few days about what I saw there.

The main reason I visited it was because Id seen an article in one of the local papers about a time capsule that is housed there.  It was sealed in 1974.  It contains forms that were written up about babies that were born in the fortnight leading up to it being sealed.  On the form where there footprints of the babies as well.  There is also a child's plastic ride on trike - they were new at the time.  There is a packet of welding rods, the town clerks suit and a dress donated by the mayoress.  Some school students contributed  family trees.  Retailers and businesses contributed many items too.  The last item to go into the capsule, under the dome, was a 16mm film which had never been viewed by the public.  It was an edited film of the lead up to, the filling up of and the official function of the closing of the capsule.  The capsule holds enough so that there will be able to be a large exhibition when it is opened in 2074.  Although it was quite ordinary items in those days it will be interesting then as its not stuff one would normally keep otherwise.

so highly polished it picked up a lot of referlctions from the rest of the room 


  1. I remember a time capsule being placed in a church where my parents attended after the place had been heavily renovated. I wonder what people a century hence will make of it.

  2. very cool Jen. wonder if there was such a thing as a 70s lava lamp or something similar in there lol