Sunday, 2 November 2014

Memorial Square

As I said yesterday Clive Square and Memorial Square were once one area.  When taking photos for this post last night, I reflected on the fact that it would have been a big area.  When they separated in 1886 Memorial square was used as a playground for children.   The Cenotaph (to remember the fallen soldiers of World War I ) was erected in 1921 and the square got its name.

I like how  someone left flowers, I think they add to the photo 

In 1925 The Mothers Room was built.  

In 1931 although the building was damaged in the earthquake it became part of Tin Town (this part was used as professional offices of which there were 22).  It was an important part of Tin Town as the other buildings were joined onto this one.  
In later years it was used as community rooms.  With the Citizens Advice Bureau occupying a lot of it from 1987 until its closure.  They actually had to evacuate quickly, it was deemed that unsafe.  On the 2nd of May 2013 it closed indefinitely.  Napier has been very aware of the risk and proactive of earthquakes since the Christchurch  earthquake of 2011.

I noticed this tree as I was leaving it had the below plaques under it  


  1. The cenotaph has a great sense of dignity to it.

    One can often see flowers placed at our memorial, or poppies. At the moment, given the events of a few days ago, the memorial's been surrounded by flowers.