Saturday, 15 November 2014

Views from Guys Hill Road (Hospital Hill)

looking down on Carlyle Road (one of the roads into Napier CBD)

the line of trees in the distance is part of Marine Parade 

the house in the foreground withstood the 1931 earthquake despite everything see this link 

In the winter  of 2010 there were many landslips.  A house that use to be just the other side of the fence had to be evacuated (as did many others in Napier).  The house has since been removed.  When I was on my walk taking  these photos I noticed that the council? has planted a garden in here :)  

the orange roofed building in the centre of the photo is The Royale Tavern.  Thought to be at least 150 years old and was moved here during the 19th century from Ahuriri due to repeatedly getting flooded.  


  1. Quite grand views, and I'm struck by how dramatic those skies are.

  2. nice photos! cant believe this is where my great great grandparents use to live, I bet the area was quite bare back then though...

  3. It's so refreshing to see flowers and blue skies!

    1. thanks I love Summer and its not too far away :) hope you stay warm where you are

  4. Hello Jen, is this blog still active? I used to live in Napier... your shots are very interesting :-)