Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Old Napier Cemetery Part 1

Today I start a series on probably the oldest graveyard in Napier.  This is the resting place for many early pioneers.  It is steeped with history.  It is situated on Hospital Hill and as this hill is steep the council have had to put up retaining walls.  Unfortunately from time to time this beautiful place attracts undesirables who seem to like to destroy history.  Some of the graves have been restored as best they can.  I meet a friendly man while taking my photos who told me he uses his hand shovel to tidy about 6 graves a day.  Good on him I say.  Sadly other graves lay where they have fallen.  Some of the graves have also been affected by the tree roots.  Despite all this I spent several hours over several days exploring this piece of Napiers history.  I hope you enjoy this series.

Useful however I borrowed a book from the library which was even more helpful

Half way down the main walking track is an old lychgate that use to be at a church in Ahuriri.  It was moved here in 1972 when the church was demolished.  

At the far end of the cemetery is a "roundabout" of graves

Napier CBD can be viewed from the cemetery