Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Old Napier Cemetery Part 2

Today I am featuring graves that interested me solely for their decorations.

The S.S. Fanny was a steam ship that carried cargo 

his headstone was erected by the Operatic Society

Sergeant Limbrick was born in Napier and had worked as a painter for several years before World War One where he was killed in action.  Interesting enough the only parents for I could find were Edward and Hilda NOT Alice?  

steps up to ones grave  - different

notice the decorative gloves  and flying cap

a very elaborate grave for a wee nearly 4 year old girl who drowned 

This grave caught my eye because the man died at Napier Hospital.  Now while many people died there no doubt, at present the old hospital is being pulled down.  Another story I may tell one day.

The only thing I can find out about a David O'Donoghue that lived in Napier in about the right timetp was that he was a business owner 
Quite like the "wooden" headstone.  

 William, Margaret and Albert Denholm.  I saw this grave and recognised the surname there is a road on Hospital Hill named after this family.


  1. The first one with the angel really strikes me as quite poignant, not only the way the sculpture is arranged but adding the name of a son fallen in war to the mother's grave like that.

    The first shot caught my eye because of the name. It's a slightly different spelling from the late Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.