Saturday, 6 December 2014

Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Napier

Last night I went on my daily walk.  I went over Bluff Hill and through town
a house on Bluff Hill all decked out

in the museum window

sorry about reflection however I thought was pretty

This afternoon Napier had its first Santa Parade in a few years :)

afterwards there was also crafts that children could do, stalls, food vendors and an all afternoon concert 


  1. Yep, it surely does look a lot like Christmas even though it's summer in NZ and I'm used to seeing Christmas in winter.

  2. That's quite a large Christmas parade. Still strange to get past the mindset of seeing summer conditions with Christmas close at hand!

  3. A Summer Christmas is what we are use to :)

    I actually thought it was a small paraded compared to others I have seen however it was good tyhat Napier is putting one again after several years without. It was a fun afternoon with the concert too. I unfortunately got sun burnt