Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas from Napier

The New Zealand Christmas Tree (Pohutukawa)

Apparently in 1833 Henry Williams held a church service under one.

A Pohutukawa Carol  (composed by army chaplain Ted Forsman in 1941)

Now crimson, crimson Christmas trees
Pohutukawas rim our seas
And flower to flame on every shore
For joy of him whom Mary bore.
Chorus: Babe so poor and small
Jesus God of all
O with us abide
This holy Christmas-tide.
Long raise, O trees about our land,
Your crimson sign on every strand
That we may tell each Christmas morn
Why Jesus was of Mary born.
Such trees gave wood to make his cot,
And all his toys from trees he got,
And when he came to ply a trade
He shaped from trees the things he
Because a tree had brought us doom,
Was Jesus born of Mary’s womb,
To blossom high on Calvary’s tree
The crimson bloom that makes us free.


  1. Very different from carols we're familiar with, but there's one here that is woven into Native culture that's called In the Moon of Wintertime.