Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas in the Park

Every year for at least the last 6 years my older son and I have made a tradition of going to Christmas in the Park in Napier.  This is the first year I have been able to take my youngest son with me as he usually spends weekends with his dad.  

Each year the free concert has a variety of singers.  Who sing their own songs and popular covers and each band is required to do at least one Christmas song.   The crowd love to sing and dance along.

Come December it is Summer in New Zealand and usually warm and sunny, not this year.  We as a nation are being to wonder where Summer has gone.  However, a bit of rain doesnt put hardy New Zealanders off.  The afternoon started off fine, this year it just didnt last!

As well as the concert there is also a confidence course which as you can see my youngest got into   
photos taken by my older son
 Just 2 of the bands that played.   Both local bands.

There was face painting
photos taken by my older son
 Murals are painted throughout the night by the "Christmas elfs".  

this one was sprayed painted while the other one was painted using brushes

At the end of the night there are several Christmas carols followed by a huge fireworks displayed accompanied to a dramatic retelling of The Christmas story.   


  1. I like any celebration that includes fireworks!

  2. It does look like a lot of people came out. What strikes me is the size of those tires on the course.

  3. thanks Tina and William I forgot to say Santa came down the chimney!! I missed getting a photo as Id gone back to the car to see if we had any other wet weather gear. My boys saw him though and my youngest was sad Id missed him :)

    They are huge arent they William!! - even if they might be truck wheels
    I have tall sons my oldest is 6 foot 4

  4. nice photos Jen! good to see people getting into the xmas spirit