Sunday, 7 December 2014

Poraiti walk

A mere 10 minute drive inland from Napier CBD (Marine Parade to be exact) takes you out into the country but still part of Napier.  This where I had my daily walk today of almost 5 kms (3 miles) in a suburb called Poraiti.  Poraiti has been used as a rural area since the late 1800s.

I parked my car along the end of the road where the triangle is painted on the road to start my walk.  I walked up and through the Wharerangi cemetery.  

The cemetery was opened in 1948.  It was Napier's first modern style lawn cemetery  It includes plagues, low headstones and a memorial rose garden.    In 1987, niche walls were built to provide another option for the containment of ashes and memorialisation.
 In it is Napier's first cemetery dedicated to Returned Services men and women.

After exiting the cemetery I walked through the countryside.  Note the pink wrapped haybales on this farm

Another farm

great views of Greenmeadows and other suburbs of Napier 

another farm

  These last 2 shots were actually taken a few months ago,  However I though you might like to see the view better (at the moment my camera wont zoom in :( ) and my last shot is of some New Zealand sheep.  Thankfully the ones I saw today were shorn as it was a hot day.  



  1. The countryside's lovely! The pink wrapping on the haybales are different from what we see here.