Saturday, 20 September 2014

Marine Parade - The Soundshell, Marine Parade Gardens and The Veronia Sun Bay

In 1931 The Hawkes Bay had a huge earthquake.  After this Napier CBD had to be rebuilt.  The Marine Parade area was developed as an outdoor entertainment area.

The New Napier Arch was designed in 1938 as a celebration of the new city.  It marks the entrance to the Marine Parade Gardens.  Rubble from the destroyed buildings was used to reclaim the land from the sea.  Several of Napier's best known built features are located in the gardens - Pania and others I will start posting about today.

This is used often as a stage for free entertainment 


  1. That is a beautiful use of the space. It feels quite tranquil there.

  2. thanks Amy and William
    it can be William it can also be a very lively place depending on whats happening there like the concerts or Art Deco weekend :)