Saturday, 6 September 2014

The National Tobacco Company

I originally wrote a blog post (on a blog I had at the time) about the place I am going to feature today.  I have tweaked it a bit this morning :)

Dating from 1933 and designed by Louis Hay is the National Tobacco Company.  Between 1956-2001 Rothmans of Pall Mall took over the building.  However, after they ceased to use the building anymore, the National Tobacco Company's name was restored to the front of the building,   

I actually went in there today (about a year ago now).  For a long time I didnt think you were allowed.  Today I risked it.

This counter is still there today however I felt the photo (they took which I photographed) did a better job at show casing it :)

to find out more I suggest you read these websites Heritage New Zealand and New Zealand History :)