Friday, 26 September 2014

South African War memorial (Boer War Memorial)

 It was unveiled by Governor Lord Plunket at a large community ceremony on 11 February 1906.

Although there are many statues to do with this war Napier's is the only one in New Zealand which has the soldier in mourning with his rifle pointing down 

The monument was shattered and the soldier lost his head in the 1931 earthquake.  there was much searching some believe it was stolen and then found seven years later on a riverbank by a workman clearing some rubble.  The head was reunited with the body.  There was debate that the memorial should be moved to another site, however it was re-erected in the original site.  


  1. It is quite an impressive monument, for a war that many have forgotten. We have one here for that conflict; I should photograph it again.