Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Heritage Fountain

This water sculpture called the Heritage Fountain, was designed and built by a local artist.  It was commissioned by the city council on the 17th of December 1996.   The parts of it stand for certain things which are valued by the locals.  

The Gannets symbolize the real ones that can be visited nearby at Cape Kidnappers.  They are the world's largest mainland colony.    

The sun symbolizes the fact that the Hawkes Bay is a sunny place.

The jagged mofit near the base symbolizes the nearby mountain ranges

The fish at the base tell of the regions fishing industry which contributes to  the local economy.  Fishing is also a popular past time of many locals.

The star symbolizes New Zealand's position in the night sky and the fact that we are under the Southern Cross constellation.  

The wave or water symbol reminds us of the fact that the Hawkes Bay is a coastal settlement.  

Lastly the heart symbol speaks of the love, pride and respect the people of Napier to have to our city and the Hawkes Bay.  


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  1. It's quite an eye catching sculpture. I imagine the interplay of sun and shadow with it must have some great effects.