Saturday, 25 October 2014

A wave in Time

The council decided to decorate a street in town with a bronze family.  It was funded by some bequests.  In 2010 Sheila appeared with her dog Raven.  She is modelled on a real lady whom was a daughter of a notable architect in the 1933 and she also led a carnival back then too.  It was celebrate the city's rebuild after the 1931 earthquake.   Since Sheila appeared people have asked who she is waving to, now we know.  

Her "son", and he is waving back to her,  He is a new addition.  His unveiling was just a few weeks ago. The boy is modelled on a friend's 3 year old son whom the sculptor knows.  

These are the first such statues in Napier.  Soon there will be a "father" riding on a bike to catch up with his family.