Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Peter and May Harris Playground

 I wrote this review back in 2010 for a blog I belonged to at the time.  Since then the park has under gone another big change so I have added a paragraph about that.  The photos at the beginning are the ones I took in 2010 complete with my own children as models.  

In my opinion the best play ground in Napier is the May And Peter Harris Playground. Its big, well shaded and best of all fully fenced. This ensures safety for little ones and although its on a major road it remains safe. It has many different pieces of equipment for young explorers to play, exercise and gain confidence on.

Due to upgrade in 2012/2013 the playground now caters for the needs of older children too now.  There were several new and special pieces of play equipment.  More sun shades, park furniture and car parks were also added.   

It is popular and with park tables and seats is a nice place for lunch. Some families use the grass areas to have picnics on too :)

I would recommend children were dressed in play clothes and maybe have a change of clothes with them as it features a sand pit, water play area.