Monday, 13 October 2014

Not a Sight You See Everyday

Yesterday on my walk, which I took with my youngest, we came upon this lot.  In Ahuriri they have a Viking club.  My youngest, Master 8, was very taken, he received a wooden sword on the weekend from a Gypsy Fair we visited.  He went home later  to make himself a cardboard shield.

It is not very surprising that Napier has a Viking club.  As some of the first Vikings who came to New Zealand arrived at the port of Napier and moved inland.  Dannevirke is an hour and a half south of Napier.  It was where, in 1872, 21 Danish and Norwegian families settled.


  1. That's a long way from the ancestral homelands.

    1. true and MUCH longer in those days when they would have travelled here by boat