Monday, 27 October 2014

Where I had Breakfast This Morning

Today was Labour Day here in New Zealand.  My oldest son needed me to take him to a friends house for  a special breakfast.  I looked at where I had to take him (I hadnt been there before) and decided I could do my daily walk in the same area.  After dropping my son off I decided to have breakfast myself before my walk.  Now some may think its weird where I had breakfast however one of my favourite sayings is "being normal is highly over rated."  I had breakfast in  my car at Park Island Cemetery.  It is on top of a hill and has great views. 

This cemetery was brought in 1910, with the first burials recorded in 1917.  When it opened it was out in the country.  To get there in those days one had to follow a road that crossed a Lagoon and surrounding marshes.  These days many main roads lead there and since the 1931 earthquake you dont have to cross the Lagoon.  I will tell you more about at this cemetery at a later date.