Friday, 10 October 2014

Conservation House - former Napier Courthouse

Feathers in order of placement:- Kiwi, Peacock, Turkey, Hawk, Turkey, Pigeon, Kaka, Guinea Fowl, Weka/Hawk, Turkey, Mallard Duck, Cock pheasant, Peacock, Bittern


NB:- The first recorded Magistrates Court Hearing in Napier was held by Donald McLean in 1853 in a building called "Whare Kawana".  Hearings were later held in a couple of specific hotels nearby (between 1854 to 1860).  From 1860 to 1875 (when this courthouse was built and used) court sititngs were held in the Provincial Council Building.

Royal Albatross,  Kiwi, New Zealand Falcon